Welcome to Omni Images

My name is Cary Pogson, I've been a keen photographer most of my life, and I have set up this web site so I can share my images and passion of photography with you.

I have shot a wide variety of images over the years. Mostly sports such as surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding. The name Omni comes from my core business Omni Boards Australia from skateboard manufacture since 1987 and just prior to that of snowboards, and long before that, surfboards, since around 1974.

I now mostly shoot landscape. I feel a nice landscape shot will enhance anyones home, and large ones can set the mood and feel of the entire room. I also love to get out into nature, be it the bush or the beaches. I especially love to travel to remote areas that are hard to find or get to and bring back home the special feeling of our wilderness areas.